Brew Moore's saxophone

In 1973, Brew Moore died in Copenhagen. He had a Danish girlfriend who died in 2011. Their daughter found Brew Moore's saxophone in the apartment,
and commissioned Copenhagen wind-instrument shop I.K. Gottfried to overhaul and sell it.

I.K. Gottfried has been in the musical instrument business for over 200 years, and today sells and repairs all kinds of wind instruments.
The website is in Danish but pictures and videos with saxophone repair specialist Peter Jessen can be found here.
Peter Jessen is well known among saxophone enthusiasts for his hand built mouthpieces and saxophone necks available from the shop.
Through a mutual friend, I came in contact with the present owner, and was allowed to photograph it.
I even had the pleasure of trying the sax with the original mouthpiece, and the sound was truly amazing.
There were two Brilhart Personaline mouthpieces in the case with the sax. One white S6 with a .088" tip from 1954 which is owned by a
Copenhagen based professional saxophone player. The other is described below and has now been sold from this website.

It is a Conn 10M (Naked Lady) from 1939 with rolled tone holes, serial number 285111 .
The finish is unusual for that age because the keywork is nickel-plated (or silver-plated) while the body of the horn is laquered.
The present owner has modified the RH thumbrest.

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The mouthpiece found with the sax is a Brilhart HR Personaline L6 with a tip opening of .082".
It has no serial number, so it is produced after 1967, when Selmer took over the Brilhart company.

The owner of the sax did not acquire the mouthpiece due to the small tip opening, but uses a HR Link.

For the nerds, the close-up to the left may indicate that Brew Moore used an embouchure with the teeth on the mouthpiece, at least some of the time, and also that he moved the mouthpiece in and out according to his needs. (Low notes versus high notes etc.)
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