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Donotto's second-hand saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces

This is not a shop. It is a garage sale in cyberspace.
I am clearing out what I have accumulated over the years.

 I am closing the sales around March 2024.

For questions or pictures, telephone +45 twenty 85 twelve 31 or write to: donottoand (AT) gmail (dot) com

NEW: Half of my stock (alto and tenor) has been reduced to €49
Updated 5. April 2024

Saxophone and clarinet accessories available
Alto and C-Melody  saxophone
Tenor saxophone
Soprano and Baritone sax
Necks, ligatures, reeds etc.
Updated 2. January   2024 Updated 10. April   2024
Personal mouthpiece collection added
Updated 5. April   2024
Personal mouthpiece collection added

Updated 27. November   2023

Updated 18. September 2023

Unless stated otherwise, the mouthpieces are used and are sold without ligature and cap.
Mouthpieces will be shipped from Denmark
Refaced or not ? My views on refacing of wind instrument mouthpieces
Mouthpiece repair and refacing in Malmö,    by my friend István Gábor

Frederick Wyman's fascinating dissertation from 1972 about saxophone mouthpiece design and tone quality

Brilhart information
The different Brilhart models
Brilhart "Made in England"
How old is my Brilhart ?

Updated 16/10-22
He told in an interview in 1989 (Saxophone Journal) that he had sold over 2 million mouthpieces. All had serial numbers. Why is the highest serial then around 240.000 ?? I found the explanation.
Read more about Brilhart on Theo Wanne's Mouthpiece Museum
Brilhart tip opening numbers
Brilhart used a different number system for tip openings than Meyer and Otto Link.
See this table
published by Arnold Brilhart around 1980 in connection with the introduction of his ARB mouthpiece line.
Brew Moore played Brilhart Personalines on his Conn 10M

Below are listed the names many of the mouthpieces that I have in my lists.
Most of them are vintage and not available in shops.
They are made of hard rubber (ebonite), metal or plastic.
There are also some vintage clarinet mouthpieces.
Klarinetten Mundstück. Bec clarinette, bocchino

Beechler, Berg Larsen,  Brilhart, Ebolin, Tonalin, Tonalite, Level-Air, ARB, Great Neck, Charles Bay, B&S, Claude Lakey, Vandoren, Vito, Wolfe Tayne, Yanagisawa, Arbex, Personaline, Streamline, Metalite, Couf Artist, Woodwind Company, Martin, Jody Jazz, Drake, Guy Hawkins, Dukoff, Silverite, Guardala, SPC, Toneking, Bari, Pomarico, Vandoren Blue Jumbo Java, Vandoren Blue Java, Phil Barone, Meyer, Otto Link, Tone Edge, STM, Super Tone Master, Tone Master, Zagar, Riffault, Phil-Tone, Theo Wanne, Mouthpiece Cafe, Runyon, Selmer, Soloist, Air Flow, Frank Wells, Coast, Lelandais, Sonora, Conn, Bruno, Buescher, Blattschraube, rietbinder