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Ligatures, reeds and necks for sale

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The items will be shipped from Denmark.

Sales are private meaning that returns are not accepted unless agreed upon on beforehand.
The items are sold as is. Therefore, please ask all questions before buying.

No Name Silver Plated tenor neck. Front View  Tenon outside diameter 27,9 mm = 1,095". Player's View
Left Side     Right Side   
- All the ligatures are inverted models, i.e. screw on top.
- All the ligatures are new, only play-tested, except the Harrison ligatures.
- There are NO caps*) included, except for the Luyben ligs. and the Francois Louis
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Ligatures for clarinet

- All are for Bb Clarinet, except No. 3 which is for bass clarinet.

Luyben ligatures are in my opinion the absolutely best ligatures for clarinet. Easy to use, and secure. Only manufactured for clarinet. Can be used for slim line alto mouthpieces also. These are in unopened packaging and with cap included. Two white and one each of red, yellow and black. Price: 30 Euros.
The Charles Bay ligatures are just as good as the Luyben, except that they are more fragile and cannot be tightened as hard. They give the most pure tone of all the ligatures I have tried, especially on hard rubber mouthpieces. And they are beautiful. They are difficult to find, and most models, except the Baroque, are made to order which means several months waiting.
*) The Rico (d'Addario) caps for for H-ligature works well with the Bay ligatures.
No.3: Bay "Baroque" Bass Clarinet ligature. Gold plated. Price 65 Euros
No.4: Vandoren Master ligature. Nickel plated. The "Master" model is not manufactured anymore. A pity, because it is a very good ligature, easy to use, and with a good sound. Price: 30 Euros

Ligatures for alto and tenor sax

No. 7 Bay "Baroque" ligature for alto sax. Rhodium plated. Price 65 Euros  Sold
No. 8 Bay "Gothic" Ligature for tenor sax. Gold Plated, Medium. Price 65 Euros   Sold

Ligatures for soprano sax
No. 11 Selmer original silver plated ligature for Classic metal mpc. Price 49 Euros