Other mouthpieces, ligatures and necks

Alto and C-melody saxophone mouthpieces available

List updated 20. May 2024              Everything on this page can be acquired at half the indicated price

For questions or pictures, telephone +45 twenty 85 twelve 31 or write to:    donotto(AT)oncable (dot) dk

Tip openings have been measured with a Digital Tip Opening Gauge from Theo Wanne.

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Unless stated otherwise, the mouthpieces are used and are sold without ligature and cap.
Mouthpieces will be shipped from Denmark.

Sales are private meaning that returns are not accepted unless agreed upon on beforehand. Mouthpieces are sold as is.
Therefore, please ask all questions before buying.

Buescher HR .055" XLarge The Buescher. "C" for C-melody. Plays well with a velvet-soft tone. Use tenor reed and a small tenor ligature. €110
Chamber NB: Price in Euros. Shipping cost and bank fees will be added Price
(Meyer Bros copy)
AdAcustica "Meijäri" 4   This is one of the best copies of the earliest Meyer Bros HR mouthpieces I have ever tried. It is based on the Tru-Flex model without the cut-out and comes with a superb Bob Scott "Don Sinta" facing. Unplayed prototype, therefore cheaper than a new one from Finland.     Sold
Otto Link
"Super" Tone Master 9*, Early Babbitt. New, from shop closure. With lig and cap, unplayed, still in plastic bag in original Florida box and with the original piece of cork that keeps the ligature in place. Box has the 21 SO West 5th STREET address.  Reserved
J.F.Walton Leslie Evans model 80/2   4*  Bad facing corrected to Bob Scott's Don Sinta facing. Plays very easily, strong full tone with nice edge. Almost tenor-like tone. Egal from top to bottom. Made by British saxophonist J.F. Walton    Sold
The Woodwind Company HR
Meliphone Special (The Woodwind Company) "B5 Small font" (Table)  with metal shank.
The Woodwind Company HR
Woodwind Co. Steel Ebonite B4 France. Very easy to play from top to bottom, also egal. Quite bright, but not thin.
The Woodwind Company HR
The Woodwind Co. Sparkle-Aire B5*.  Round chamber. Bite mark on beak. Otherwise as new. Bright singing sound, but certainly not thin.